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Deluxe Hooded Carry Liner

Deluxe Hooded Carry Liner

Deluxe Hooded Carry Liner

Available in Black , Blue , Fuchsia , Green , Lilac and Rose

Our line of heavy duty liners fit great with all of our jumbo carts. Sporting 2 carry straps and a hood, this water-proof liner is great for all of your shopping or laundry needs.

Capacity: 80 Lbs. to 150 Lbs., depending on the Easy Wheels model.

Features: Fits all Narita Jumbo, medium size shopping carts, and the Canvas Cart.

It has two carry straps, a hood, and is waterproof. The DLH227 attaches to the frame with Velcro-like fasteners.

Material: Canvas/Nylon

Uses: Ideal for grocery shopping and transporting laundry.